Flair 4 IT provide you with access to an experienced team of accredited Microsoft Cloud specialists who can support you in delivering cloud based IT projects, from basic implementation through to fully hybrid solutions. Solutions are delivered using the following Microsoft technologies:

When do organisations look to Cloud technology?

We’ve worked with a range of organisations from single to multi-site to identify and implement cloud solutions to help:

  • Connect multiple sites
  • Improve productivity & efficiency
  • Increase resilience
  • Access data and files across multiple devices including mobile and tablet
  • Introduce more flexible IT systems that can scale alongside the organisations needs

How can Flair 4 IT help?

Whether you are looking to start your IT set up on Cloud based technologies or, you want to migrate to cloud based technologies, Flair 4 IT’s accredited Microsoft experts will help you identify the best approach and manage a smooth implementation and transition to avoid disruption to your customers and staff.

Organisations can be put off migrating to the cloud due to fearing potential disruption but, with the right technical capability and planning this can be avoided and, where necessary work undertaken outside of core hours.

Moving to Cloud based technologies isn’t the right choice for everyone. Our teams technical expertise will ensure that a Cloud solution is only recommended if it’s the best fit for you.

Unsure if Cloud is right for you? Speak to a member of the team today call 0117 959 5143 or complete our call back form.