IT solution helps unite 210 users worldwide

Send A Cow“We knew that to support our growth we needed our IT systems to be bought up to date. Flair 4 IT helped us make this happen and in turn joined together 210 users across 8 countries both in the UK and Africa.”
Phil Brownbill, Send a Cow

The Challenge

Send a Cow a charity that provides direct, practical help to poor farmers in East Africa has grown from £4 million to £7 million in the last 5 years. As part of the process of preparing for this growth they knew that bringing their IT systems up to date was key.

With 210 users across 8 countries in the UK and Africa it was vital that users worked from centralised IT systems to allow for organisation, communication and collaboration to be enabled and efficient.

The Solution

Flair 4 IT were selected by Send a Cow as they illustrated a good cultural fit with the organisation as well as the expertise to deliver what was required.

Working with Send a Cow Flair 4 IT implemented Microsoft Exchange bringing all users across the 8 countries under one central domain (, in addition this solution has enabled the ability to create preset email distribution lists and allow calendar sharing so that meetings and appointments can be both viewed and booked.

Following the successful implementation and adoption of Microsoft Exchange we have implemented a SharePoint site allowing all users to collaborate on documents whilst providing a way for version control to be both monitored and used ensuring users use the most up to date documentation.

Flair 4 IT now act as Send a Cow’s managed service provider providing on-going IT support.

The Result

The implementation of Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint have seen Send a Cow being able to improve communication, organisation and collaboration across 210 users. This has ensured that their IT systems were prepared to support the 175% increase they have achieved in the last 5 years.

“Flair 4 IT are proactive and mitigate potential issues before they arise. They are friendly, helpful and know what they are talking about.”
Phil Brownbill, Send a Cow