Move to the cloud increases productivity

CarterBaynes“Changing IT systems is never an easy task and there are always unseen pitfalls to deal with. Flair 4 IT’s project management meant that each pitfall was overcome with as little fuss as possible and in a manner which caused Carter Baynes the least disruption. The migration to the cloud was definitely the right solution for Carter Baynes and I doubt we could have achieved it without the help of the staff at Flair 4 IT.”

Helen Bax, Associate Director, Carter Baynes Chartered Surveyors Ltd

The Challengechallenge

Carter Baynes Chartered Surveyors Ltd knew they had to act as an existing office server headed towards the end of warranty and required upgrades.

The Solution 

Having worked on previous IT projects with Carter Baynes, Flair 4 IT were chosen for this project.

Rather than looking at upgrading the existing on premise server equipment Flair 4 IT looked at alternative options and identified that a migration to Microsoft Office 365 was a far better solution based on the clients needs.

The Process

Migrating to a cloud based solution is not always a straightforward process. Here’s some challenges we managed during the implementation of this Microsoft Office 365 solution for Carter Baynes:

internet-connectionInsufficient internet connection

When managing a migration to the cloud, internet connection is key to support the upload of existing data, whether that be files or email. Carter Baynes existing internet connection was not sufficient to handle this process.

This was resolved by physically relocated the existing physical server to our own office so that the upload process could be undertaken from there. This was arranged to coincide with a scheduled office closure to avoid any downtime to the client

licencingLicensing constraints 

Microsoft Licensing constraints meant we were unable to purchase the required storage space that was initially required, this meant it was impossible to move all of the files to SharePoint during the period we had planned.

To overcome this and avoid any downtime to the client a full back up was taken from the existing physical server. Once the licensing limitations were fixed the upload to Microsoft SharePoint was completed using this back up. We then ran a further, and final incremental sync before switching over to the new Office 365 solution.

unsupported-charsUnsupported characters

Within a significant proportion of the client files were non-supported characters. It was important that this was resolved to ensure all files could be uploaded and accessed through the new Microsoft Office 365 solution.

This was overcome by running a series of scripts which changed the non-supported characters in any affected files.

The Resultresult 

The Microsoft Office 365 solution has:

  • Improved remote access options
  • Removed the need for manual back ups
  • Freed up physical office space