IT systems prepared for future growth!

“We were looking to fZing Associatesind an IT support company that were small enough to care about us as a business but, big enough to be able to provide the level of support we needed. Flair 4 IT put ticks in all of these boxes and more!”

Fran Burgess, Zing Associates


The Challenge

Following a period of growth Zing Associates identified that they had outgrown the capability and infrastructure of their existing IT provider.

It was established that they needed a new IT partner that could provide; day to day support, IT strategy and planning and, solution implementation. It was important that the chosen supplier could use IT to support, business growth and a workforce based all over the UK.

The Solution

Flair 4 IT were selected by Zing Associates following a recommendation and subsequent meeting where Zing Associates were able to establish that we were the right fit for them both in terms of capability and culture.

We initially started by completing a review of both the existing IT set up and business requirements of Zing Associates, which allowed us to create a list of recommendations.

Following these recommendations we then worked closely with Zing Associates to prioritise which recommendations to implement first in terms of budget and those that would have the most positive impact on the organisation. This saw us set up and implement SharePoint (part of an Office 365 solution) providing remote access to files for approved users.

We continue to provide day to day Business IT support to Zing Associates as well as continually working with them to ensure that there is a future IT strategy that supports continued growth.

The Result

The initial solution implemented has resulted in improved productivity through file sharing and version control across all staff members around the UK.

Our solutions have also provided peace of mind that IT systems and support are in a position to grow at the same pace as Zing Associates as a business.


“Flair 4 IT took the time to get to know us as a business. We’ve now got peace of mind that our IT systems are ready to grow into the future with us.”

Fran Burgess, Zing Associates