Enabling a workforce to access systems anytime, anywhere

“Flair 4 IT worked with us to gain a holistic approach to our existing IT infrastructure, they then provided detailed advice to ensure we chose the best route for our organisation.”

Hilary Wilson, Finance Director, Provelio


The Challenge

With an increasing workforce working from remote offices and locations Provelio were faced with the challenge of files and systems not always being accessible, this reduced productivity and flexibility.

It was key that they found a supplier who didn’t look at just the immediate requirements in isolation but also looked forward to ensure solutions would suit future needs too. 

The Solution

Flair 4 IT were selected by Provelio due to their technical capability, previous experience and levels of service.

Working with Provelio we identified the potential options available to resolve the challenges they faced around accessibility. The potential solutions were then presented along with recommendations.

The recommended and selected route was to:

  • Replace existing on premise Exchange servers with Exchange Online
  • Switch them from Office 2007 to Office 2013 using Office 365 licensing
  • Move existing company shared files to Sharepoint online with OneDrive for Business allowing a reliable method to access files whilst offline 

The Result

The move to Exchange Online? This has provided a solution that is not only more reliable but that provides a faster experience for remote workers, the need for ongoing updates has also been removed by using this solution.

The move to Office 2013 using Office 365? This has provided Provelio peace of mind that they will always be on the latest version of Office and removes licensing headaches.

The move to SharePoint Online? This is currently underway but will provide all users seamless access to company files both in and out of the office whilst providing Provelio with peace of mind that all files are continually backed up.

Overall? The solution delivered provides increases in reliability, productivity and flexibility. The Provelio workforce are now able to work from anywhere at anytime.


“Flair 4 IT provides a service that is significantly better than any other we have experienced previously.”Hilary Wilson, Finance Director, Provelio