Key Reasons Charities Need IT Support

Date: 24th May 2018
Author: Kieron Doyle

Most charities use data to keep in touch with supporters and fundraisers so with the new GDPR regulations about to come into force, having up-to-date IT systems and good IT support in place, is more important than ever. Here are some reasons why charities need IT support.

Staff and volunteers

Many volunteers and fundraisers work remotely across regions or even across the country, so it’s important for them that good IT systems are in place. This frees the teams to get more work done without worrying about IT security or data issues.

Data storage

As charities store personal data for hundreds, or even thousands of supporters, IT support is vital to ensure the IT storage and CRM systems are secure and safe from cyber-attack. The last thing any charity wants is for their data to be stolen and misused.

Free IT resources

A good IT support team, like our experts here at Flair 4 IT, can help charities to work out and identify all the schemes available which offer free software or hardware for charities. There are many around to take advantage of.

Website support

The charity website needs to be running reliably and working well as it is a source of fundraising and a way for volunteers to get involved, and book places on events. Good IT support will make sure the site never goes down or runs slow.

IT strategy help

Charities need to know that their IT systems will grow and adapt as their services do, so having a good IT strategy in place will help to make sure this happens.

Reduced costs

IT support experts can carry out an evaluation of the charity works and all of the IT needs within the organisation. They can then offer advice and guidance on the use of IT systems which can help improve productivity and efficiency, and help to reduce running costs.

IT expertise

Outsourcing IT support means the charity staff will be free to get on with the important job of fundraising and awareness raising. IT experts will then be on hand to help when things go wrong, and can also offer advice on IT systems to improve efficiency and can save charities money.

Charities rely heavily on personal data and CRM systems for managing volunteer and supporter data, as well as IT for remote staff and volunteers so having great IT support in place can really help to free up charity staff from technical issues and worries, leaving them free to concentrate on the good cause at hand.

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