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Can you help me? I need IT support but don’t have an IT team

Date: 24th October 2018
Author: Robert Eeuwens

A lot of businesses don’t have the capacity or budget to employ a fully qualified IT team full-time, but still need all the usual IT services such as computers, phone lines and payroll.

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What should I do if I have a cyber security issue?

Date: 24th September 2018
Author: Robert Eeuwens

If you suffer a cyberattack on your business it could create any number of issues including legal problems, breach of customer data and it will impact on your reputation. In some cases the reputational damage can actually destroy the company as customers lose faith.

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Five essential steps to help keep your business safer from cyber crime

Date: 31st August 2018
Author: Kieron Doyle

Cyber crime is creating real worries for businesses, particularly as the world moves into an even more focussed online direction. Although the online world brings incredible opportunities for companies to expand to global audiences, it also puts businesses at risk from cyber criminals.

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As a small business, should I move to cloud-based services?

Date: 16th July 2018
Author: Kieron Doyle

It’s definitely an option you should consider. Cloud-based services are making waves in the business world and make it really simple for business owners and employees to get access to business data from anywhere in the world. It is also another way to protect your data against any kind of damage such as fire, or flood, at your business premises.

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How to stop an IT disaster from destroying your business

Date: 13th June 2018
Author: Derrick Ross

In today’s modern world there are many potential IT disasters which could have a huge impact on your business, from hacking, viruses and cyber- attacks, not to mention the old fashioned kind of disasters which can impact your IT equipment like fire or water damage.

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Key Reasons Charities Need IT Support

Date: 24th May 2018
Author: Kieron Doyle

Most charities use data to keep in touch with supporters and fundraisers so with the new GDPR regulations about to come into force, having up-to-date IT systems and good IT support in place, is more important than ever. Here are some reasons why charities need IT support.

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Flair 4 IT Acquired by Ambitious Hampshire Based IT Company

Date: 8th May 2018
Author: Harry Burrows

We are delighted to inform you that on 28th April, Flair 4 IT was sold to a long-established IT dealer based in Romsey, near Southampton, called Hampshire Business Computers.

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Windows 10

Date: 9th December 2015
Author: Kim Davies

Windows 10 is here and here to stay. Flair 4 IT along with most of the industry believe that this will become the new standard OS, in much the same way that Windows 7 has been standard for the past 7 or so years. It has many fantastic new features for a modern computer and we are encouraging people to start thinking about the upgrades.

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What is Microsoft Office 365?

Date: 19th March 2015
Author: Zoe Keeping

Here at Flair 4 IT we work closely with each and every one of our clients to understand their business needs and, deliver IT solutions that suit those needs. Whether that be on site hardware, offsite cloud solutions or a combination of the two.

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