Windows 10

Windows 10 is here and here to stay. Flair 4 IT along with most of the industry believe that this will become the new standard OS, in much the same way that Windows 7 has been standard for the past 7 or so years.
It has many fantastic new features for a modern computer and we are encouraging people to start thinking about the upgrades.

Microsoft are currently offering free upgrades to Windows 10 until mid 2016 and, now that we’ve had a few months to work through the initial launch and stability issues, Flair 4 IT are encouraging business to think about adopting Windows 10 as standard.

That’s not without some careful considerations of course. Windows 10 has a lot of changes in it’s look and feel, and unless planned carefully, your business could be in for a lot of hassles, unplanned changes and confusion.

So, first of all, users should not upgrade their own PCs. Most staff will not have the permissions to do so anyway, but where they do, if they do upgrade, Flair 4 IT will recommend they actually downgrade again until a company-wide plan is formed to upgrade all eligible machines.

Talk to Flair 4 IT about the benefits of Windows 10 and forming an upgrade plan.