Move to cloud removes limitations

“We now have access to a team that can support and resolve any issues as and when we need them – this has removed limitations we previously had.”

Kirsten Ottley, Company Secretary, Freedom Bath & Bristol


The Challenge

challgenge-freedomFreedom Bath & Bristol were using an old IMAP server with limited support for email facilities. This set up provided limitations both in terms of access, support and stability.

The Solution 

Having been recommended by another Bristol based charity, Flair 4 IT were chosen to manage the project to move Freedom Bath & Bristol from their existing email infrastructure to Exchange Online. In addition, on-going support was required.

The Process

Migrating to a cloud based solution is not always straightforward. During this project we managed challenges relating to:

  • IMAP mailbox migration limits
  • Time challenges relating to imports of PST files
  • Credential restrictions
  • DNS propagation

Importing files from the existing IMAP server to Exchange Online is not an automated process due to credential restrictions. To overcome this, we used the Microsoft PST function which meant we were able to avoid importing files via Outlook.

The project saw 11 users and a total of 20 mailboxes successfully migrated to the new cloud based system.

The Result

Exchange Online has provided Freedom Bath & Bristol with an email solution that:

  • Improves usability by providing familiar interfaces
  • Provides a web based platform that can be accessed anywhere from any device
  • Increases resilience, reliability and provides greater flexibility


“Thanks to Flair 4 IT we now have a solution that resolves the challenges we were having whilst providing greater flexibility, resilience and reliability that we had before.”

Kirsten Ottley, Company Secretary, Freedom Bath & Bristol