Increasing resilience & continuity

Burnside Chartered Accountants“Flair 4 IT listened to our problem, identified and implemented the chosen solution in a timely and cost effective manner. Brilliant service.”

Stephen Burnside, Burnside Chartered Accountants

The Challenge

Burnside Chartered Accountants had the need to implement a disaster recovery solution that would mitigate data loss should a hardware failure occur. With limited internet bandwidth potential cloud backup options were limited and a suitable solution needed to be identified.

The Solution 

Flair 4 IT were selected by Burnside Chartered Accountants following the successful delivery of previous projects.

It was important that the chosen solution took into account the limited bandwidth available and did not impact the customers network whilst backups were taking place.

burnside-solutionFlair 4 IT selected Microsoft Azure Recovery Services. An initial data backup was undertaken using its Import/Export facility. This allowed an initial large amount of data to be transferred to Microsoft’s data centre causing no impact to the customers existing network.

Following on from the initial data back up the service has been configured to run incremental backups daily with a 7 day retention period or, an extended 3 month period for data specific backups.

The Result burnside-result

The Microsoft Azure Recovery Services solution provides Burnside Chartered Accountants with peace of mind that should the unthinkable happen they will be able to access and restore data as needed to ensure minimal impact to their business and customers.