Innovative solution supports improved customer experience

DCC partnership logo“Understanding our vision and what we were looking to achieve with the project were key. Flair 4 IT quickly illustrated their ability to do this and have continued to engage in a positive way since project delivery.”

Carol Cake, Dorset County Council

The Challenge

Dorset County Council identified a need to improve the existing way of handling and processing Blue Badge applications. The project requirements were to:

  • Improve the efficiency of Blue Badge application processing
  • Streamline and automate the existing process
  • Improve the time from application receipt to completion
  • Increase customer experience through a more visible process

The Solution 

Flair 4 IT were selected by Dorset Council Council following a recommendation. Working closely with the client we spent time to understand the current process and the overall vision of the project.

We developed a customized web application using the secure and reliable hosting platform Microsoft Azure ensuring it integrated with existing back end office systems. Flair 4 IT delivered a solution that met the customers vision and expectations and by combining an innovative solution with Microsoft Azure has resulted in an improved way to manage the application process.

Flair 4 IT continue to work with Dorset County Council to ensure the system continues to evolve and deliver a positive experience for users and customers.

The Result 

The system has delivered many positive results to Dorset County Council. It is estimated that with the growth in applications the requirement of two additional staff has been avoided due to the efficiency of the system. Not only that but, with a way to track applications at each stage of the process customers can be immediately updated on the stage of their application should they enquire providing a more positive customer experience than previously.


“Flair 4 IT are innovative, they take the time to understand customer needs and provide solutions that deliver to those needs.”
Carol Cake, Dorset County Council